The Golden Closet Newsletter/Blog November 2009

The Golden Closet is pleased to announce the addition of several exciting new entertainment memorabilia items now available to collectors through our website. Detailed information can be found at the links below.

Fans of the epic gangster film “Scarface” starring Al Pacino as Tony Montana now have the opportunity to own one of the most iconic weapons ever seen used in motion picture history! This item is the legendary “SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND” replica grenade launcher used onscreen during the final gun battle sequence at the end of the film:

SCARFACE – Tony Montana (Al Pacino) “Little Friend” Grenade Launcher used in final battle sequence

Also available is the actual Zabala shotgun used by “The Skull” character to kill Tony Montana at the climactic ending of the film when he is shot in the back and falls from the balcony into the fountain below beneath the “The World Is Yours” statue. The weapon was modified to fire blank rounds only and is in very good screen used condition:

SCARFACE – “The Skull” (Geno Silva) Zabala double barreled shotgun used in Tony Montana death scene

Michael Jackson fans now have the opportunity to purchase several unique items worn by the recently deceased King of Pop. The first item is a custom tear away jumpsuit that the singer wore during multiple stage performances of The Jacksons 1984 farewell “Victory Tour” and was also featured on the cover of Newsweek Magazine:

MICHAEL JACKSON – Custom tear away jumpsuit worn during the 1984 “Victory” tour

A custom made western / military style shirt that Mr. Jackson wore during a recording session for Diana Ross’s song “Eaten Alive” is now also available for sale. Mr. Jackson was photographed wearing the garment in the studio while singing alongside Ms. Ross and Mr. Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees:

MICHAEL JACKSON – Custom shirt worn during recording of “Eaten Alive” with Diana Ross

Also available is a shirt and pant combination that Mr. Jackson wore during rehearsals for his 1992 album “Dangerous”. Mr. Jackson was photographed in the outfit while driving his nephews around the Sony Pictures lot during a break, and also appeared in the garments while being photographed for a Pepsi Cola promotional photo opportunity later that day:

MICHAEL JACKSON – Plaid shirt and Levi’s worn at Sony Studios during rehearsals for the “Dangerous”

Other new additions to the site include costumes worn by popular singer Rihanna in the videos for “Disturbia” and the Maroon 5 song “If I Never See Your Face Again”, a screen used coat worn by Jamie Foxx in his outstanding Oscar winning performance as Ray Charles in the film “Ray”, and two outfits worn in the classic television show “Mission Impossible”. More Sopranos items are on their way and other new items are being added on an ongoing basis, so be sure to bookmark our site to keep up with all the latest additions.

We are also pleased to announce that we will once again be featuring items in the upcoming Profiles In History Auction. More information on the event can be found by visiting their website

As always, we welcome any comments or inquiries from the collecting community in order to better meet their unique interests. Please email us directly at if we can assist you in any way or help you locate that hard to find item you’ve always wanted to add to your collection.

The Golden Closet

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