Thank you from Client Regarding Closing of The Golden Closet


I know today will be a day of a lot of emotions. You have brought a lot of joy to so many people by being the expert on movie memorabilia. But, even only knowing you for just a few days, you are more than an expert. Your kindness, your genuine care for the history of film preservation and your excellent example of what customer service should look like is why everyone will miss you.

I have a friend, Bobb Cooper, that owns the Phoenix Children Theater. Bobb focused on the kids and their growth for many years. Emma Stone was one of those kids that spent years learning the skills of acting at Bobb’s Theater. Emma mentioned Bobb at her Oscars acceptance speech when she won the “Best Actress” award for La La Land. Then to top it off, Emma sent the Oscar to Bobb as a thank you. My whole point of sharing that story is that I know you will be rewarded for your dedication. Events like that just seem to come out of nowhere but are always well deserved. You deserve an Oscar for the level of work and enthusiasm you have put into this effort.

I cannot begin to understand the emotions you would feel today, but I wanted you to know you are such a treasure for people that love the movies. For me to feel that way after only knowing you for a few days, I cannot imagine how your longtime friends are feeling today.

Good luck to you Breanna…


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