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Breanna S. Livie, The Golden Closet

Breanna S. Livie


About Breanna and The Golden Closet






Krista Skustad

Photographer/Graphic Designer

As The Golden Closet’s photographer and graphic designer, Krista is responsible for the memorabilia images and graphics displayed on our website. Krista has been working as a photographer since 2006. She practiced art throughout her life and received a Bachelor’s in Fine Art with a concentration in Creative Photography at California State University of Fullerton.



Larry McQueen, The Golden Closet

Larry McQueen

Costume Historian and Archivist Specialist

Mr. Mc Queen is our archivist and leading expert in vintage motion picture wardrobe.  Breanna Livie, CEO of The Golden Closet, has been working with Mr. Mc Queen for nearly 17 years and relies on his expertise when authenticating period wardrobe.  His knowledge and experience in this industry is invaluable to our company and clientele.

Larry McQueen is owner of “The Collection,” a business dedicated to the preservation, restoration and exhibition of motion picture costumes.  For the last twenty-five years, Mr. McQueen and his late business partner, Bill Thomas, actively dealt in the field of important motion picture costumes, both in acquisition, sales and exhibitions.  They realized, early on, that film costumes were a fragile and rapidly disappearing part of Hollywood heritage.

Respected as a leading Hollywood costume historian and archivist, McQueen has held the positions of consultants for Camden House Auctioneers, Inc. in Los Angeles; Christie’s East, New York; Christie’s London, Butterfield & Butterfield, Los Angeles/ San Francisco, Entertainment Rarities & Julien Entertainment and has been responsible for the authentication of film costumes and the estimation of their value.  In 1990, he worked in a consultant capacity with Christie’s to catalogue, identify, and set pre-sale estimates for a major collection of movie wardrobe to be auctioned by Paramount Studios and in 1992, worked with Butterfield & Butterfield on a collection of movie wardrobe auctioned by Western Costume Co in three successive auctions.  In 1995, after the passing of Bill Thomas, Larry’s job of fourteen years as an archivist for a major law firm ended and he continued his association with Butterfield and Butterfield by cataloguing, identifying and setting pre-sale estimates for a major collection of 800 items from the original MGM auction in 1970 and the collection of costumes from “Star Trek” from Paramount in 1998.  He has been an advisor for Sotheby’s New York and was partly responsible for the research and estimation of value for a collection of costumes and props from Planet Hollywood.  From 1999 – 2012, Mr. McQueen worked as an archivist with MGM/ UA in creating and maintaining a prop and costume collection of MGM films.   In addition, The Collection has worked with private estates and costume houses such as Lucille Ball, Jane Withers, Edith Head, Wayne Finkleman, Julie Newmar, Debbie Reynolds, Western Costume Company, Eastern Costume Company, CRC, American Costume Co and others in researching items and their valuation.

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Richard La Motte, The Golden Closet

Richard La Motte

Costume Designer

As The Golden Closet’s leading expert in aging and western costume restoration, Mr. La Motte is an incredible asset to our company, restoring and preserving iconic and historic costumes.

Mr. La Motte has been working within the costume industry for over 40 years, beginning in the costume department at FOX studios in 1966 as an apprentice costumer. He trained with the “old timers” who started their craft during the dawn of the golden age of cinema, the 1930s. Part of his training was to learn how to hand age and dye wardrobe to give each character the authentic weathered look . He worked with aging materials such as dye, bleach, mineral oil, fuller’s earth, and sandpaper to create unique character costumes.

He utilized those skills on such shows as: “Little Big Man”, “Butch Cassidy”, “Tora, Tora, Tora”, “Planet of the Apes” to name a few.  Richard officially became a Costume Designer in 1973, when is was given his designers card #83. The early training from the “old timers” gave Mr. La Motte the tools to hone his craft as designer on feature films such as: “The Wind and the Lion”, “Rambo III”, “The Island of Doctor Moreau”, “A Man Called Horse”, “Gods and Generals”, and “Goonies”.

After years of experience and work in the industry, Mr. La Motte wrote his own costuming book in 2001, “Costume Design 101.” He recently released a 2nd edition in 2010, and we highly recommend that you purchase his how-to costume book, “Costume Design 101”:

Also, be sure to read our Featured Story on the restoration of Brad Pitt’s leather work coat in which Mr. La Motte worked side by side with The Golden Closet:

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