The Golden Closet deals in the sales, consignment, and purchasing of motion picture, television, and music memorabilia. We have provided museums, restaurants, auction houses, dealers and collectors around the world with some of the most exclusive and sought after memorabilia in motion picture and entertainment history.

The Golden Closet was founded in 1996 by Breanna Livie and has become a leader in the marketing and sales of motion picture/television artifacts in the collecting community. Breanna started the company with the help of her family, who are some of Hollywood’s most seasoned costumers. The history of her family has long been intertwined with that of Hollywood’s costume industry.

It all started in 1945 with Breanna’s grandfather, Charles James, who began his career as a security guard at Eagle Lion Studios in Hollywood. By the early 1950’s he received his first position as costumer, the profession that would occupy the next 40 years of his life. Throughout this time, he worked on the sets of numerous classic motion pictures with some of the finest actors to grace the silver screen, including Marlon Brando on “The Young Lions” and “Apocolypse Now”, Elvis Presley on “Love Me Tender”, and John Wayne on “Rio Bravo”, to name only a few.

In the 1970’s, the motion picture studios, in an effort to become more cost-efficient, began to sell off “surplus” departments within their organizations, including entire wardrobe departments. Mr. James, at that point highly experienced in his field, decided to seize the opportunity. In 1978 he and Breanna’s father, James Livie, purchased a sizeable inventory of wardrobe from various studios and established Costume Rentals Corporation (CRC), one of the first independent motion picture costume companies. In 1990, prompted by the success of CRC, James Livie established Eastern Costume Company, and both costume houses continue to thrive today.

In 1996, having gained her own extensive experience and familiarity with wardrobe and prop departments through her family, Breanna founded The Golden Closet, a company devoted to bringing screen used memorabilia to appreciative collectors around the world. With unprecedented access to a wealth of authentic motion picture and television memorabilia, as well as having friends and associates within the entertainment industry, Breanna has amassed an impressive collection of some of the finest wardrobe and props in existence. You can be assured that you are dealing with a company who not only understands the motion picture industry, but also has an impeccable reputation to uphold as well as a network of inner industry contacts at its disposal, many of whom personally provide certification and provenance for the items in our collection.

Authenticity is one of the most important factors when selling motion picture wardrobe and props. The Golden Closet deals directly with the source when obtaining our memorabilia and we market it in accordance with the guidelines set by our clients. Letters of authenticity are provided with every sale to assure the buyers they are purchasing authentic Hollywood artifacts and not replicas or reproductions that never appeared on screen. At The Golden Closet we take pride in personally guaranteeing the authenticity of all the items we offer to our valued customers, and rely on painstakingresearch and verification of our sources before purveying any screen used wardrobe, props, or set design to private collectors or corporate clients around the world.

The Golden Closet consistently strives towards the complete satisfaction of our clients and customers alike, and look forward to developing new innovative methods of uniting collectors with their most sought after items in the ever changing world of celebrity, motion picture, and television memorabilia. Please feel free to contact us directly with any inquiries so that we may better assist you with your collecting or consignment interest.



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