The Golden Closet provides professional restoration and repair for select memorabilia items on a case-by-case basis. Initial inspection and consultation is required for all items to be considered for these services. See detailed information below:


The Golden Closet provides restoration services for wardrobe items that may have been damaged or altered after their use on a production. We consult with Master Tailor Gilberto Guzman of Eastern Costume Company to document all alterations that have been made to the garment. Mr. Guzman assesses the garment and repairs the damage or alterations made to restore the wardrobe to its original state. Each project has different elements that effect the restoration, such as deterioration to the fabric, staining, natural fading, and alterations that cannot be reversed; therefore each garment needs to be individually inspected to ensure that the intended restoration can be accomplished. Please visit the link below to view details and images of the restoration process we completed for Madonna’s signature pink dress worn in the video for her song “Material Girl."


The Golden Closet provides restoration services for prop items that may have been damaged, altered, or deteriorated after their use on a production. In these instances, we consult with one or more of our inner industry sources with the most appropriate expertise based on the item in question, from property masters to professional model builders and entertainment weapons specialists. After performing a detailed physical inspection of the item(s) in question, our experts consult with The Golden Closet to determine what means of restoration or repair are possible and provide clients with a detailed estimate of all fees and materials required to restore the item to its original screen used appearance.


The Golden Closet has access to Eastern Costume Company’s Wardrobe Accessories Department, including an extensive collection of vintage/contemporary wardrobe items such as hats, footwear, medals, nametags, and insignia, as well as access to prop related accessories such as holsters, carrying cases, etc. which is essential in restoring costumes/props to their original screen used appearance (labor and restocking fees apply). We also employ a team of seasoned costumers to assist in the restoration process for certain items. These experienced professionals are skilled in fabricating, repairing, and duplicating wardrobe elements needed to restore costumes to their original state, and also provide their expertise in hand distressing and artificially aging items to duplicate screen used appearance. Please visit the link below to view details and images of the restoration process we completed for the original screen used “Warriors” vest worn in the 1979 motion picture “The Warriors”.


  • Initial Consultation Fee: $125.00
  • The fee for each restoration project is estimated at the initial consultation


May include but are not limited to:

  • Insured shipping
  • Alterations
  • Fabric shopping
  • Fabric dying
  • Accessories
  • Commission to industry professionals
  • Research
  • Travel


Customer assumes all liability for any damage or loss of value that may occur during the restoration / repair process. The Golden Closet does not guarantee restoration/repair services and reserves the right to decline or discontinue services at its own discretion. Customer is responsible for all shipping costs to/from The Golden Closet. Initial Consultation Fee is non-refundable.