The Golden Closet offers its professional services in the areas of research, documentation, and authentication of entertainment related wardrobe and props. Through our extensive contacts within the entertainment industry, The Golden Closet compiles detailed information on each item documenting its history and enhancing the over all value of the collectible.


  • Physical inspection: Our professionals inspect the wardrobe and props noting condition, construction, approximate age, distinguishing marks (including alterations, damage or wear), and labels or written markings to aid in verification.
    If an item has been damaged or altered we consult with a master tailor, property master, special effects experts, and other industry professionals to assist with documenting the change in the item.
  • Industry Consultation: The Golden Closet maintains a database of inner industry sources including professionals associated with productions, studios, and entertainers. Our research team consults with these professionals, which gives us insight to how the item was designed, constructed, used, distressed/aged, and inside information about how the garment was maintained behind the scenes.
  • Archival Research: Through our contacts within the entertainment industry we have access to studio archives including but not limited to, Warner Brothers, Paramount Studios, Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, and film libraries. We utilize these resources to gain access to historic documentation, such as interoffice studio memos, production notes, rental records, and photographic stills.
  • Video Review: Video/film research is necessary to document the item’s use in the production and to acquire screen captures and digital frame enhancements to confirm screen use.


  • Professional Photography: Each item is professionally photographed by our in house photographer and utilized to document the construction, condition, labeling and other distinguishing traits that are significant to the documentation of the item. The photos are also used for in-house reference and correspondence with research consultants, expert collectors, and film historians.
  • Video/Photo Documentation: Screen captures and/or still photography verifying the item’s use onscreen.
  • Research Material: Locating and/or purchasing of reference material, including studio still photos, production memos, scripts, and promotional materials such as posters, lobby cards, press packets, and other applicable items to verify authenticity.
  • Written Documentation: Detailed description of the item, the construction, and its use in the production. A summary of the information derived from reference and research materials, and additional written certification from inner industry sources related to the item’s use (when available).
  • Presentations: Professionally designed, printed, & bound presentations
  • Certification: issuance of numbered certificate of authenticity from
    The Golden Closet.


The Golden Closet charges a rate of $45.00 – $95.00 per hour for the services listed below:

Photography/image formatting $45 per hour

  • Research $95 per hour
  • Screen captures $45 per hour
  • Item description / copy $95 per hour
  • Documentation / Certification $65 per hour
  • Graphic design / presentation layout $65 per hour

Additional costs may include, but are not limited to:

  • Travel expenses
  • DVD/video rental fees
  • Additional expert authentication
  • Purchases of still photography
  • Printing


Our fees are non-negotiable, and we ask for a 20% deposit of the initial estimated cost of the project. Depending on the length of the project the client will receive an updated bill every 30 days, at which time the new balance will be due.


The Golden Closet does not guarantee the authenticity of any item prior to completion of research. All fees are still applicable for items found to be inauthentic or unable to be confirmed authentic based on available information.