Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) Screen used jacket worn in opening sequence
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X-MEN: THE LAST STAND  Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart)  Screen used jacket worn in opening sequence



This jacket was worn by the character Charles Xavier AKA “Professor X” portrayed by actor Patrick Stewart in the 2006 motion picture “X-Men : The Last Stand”. The 1980’s style men’s jacket by John Pearse is constructed of tan tweed wool with patch pockets located on the left breast and at the waist of the coat.

Mr. Stewart wore this garment in the opening of the film when Xavier and Magneto visit the house of young Jean Gray to offer her the chance to attend “Xavier’s School For Gifted Children”. In the “20 years earlier” flashback sequence, Xavier and Magneto first discuss the school with Jean’s parents and then ask if they can be allowed to speak to her alone. When they do, she attempts to read both of their minds and then demonstrates her immense power by levitating cars, lawnmowers, and streams of water in the area outside her house, much to the delight of Magneto. Xavier presents the challenge to Jean, “Will you control your power, or will it control you?” before the scene cuts to a different flashback ten years later of a young “Angel” tearfully attempting to hide evidence of his developing mutation from his father before being discovered and the film’s opening titles roll.

The jacket was custom tailored for use in the film and is complete with the original “John Pearse” label, as well as two other sewn in labels reading “Patrick Stewart Esq., July 2005” and another reading “Designed by Judianna Makovsky” (the head costume designer who worked on the film). The garment is in excellent screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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