Perfect Stranger (2007)

John McClane (Bruce Willis) White Tanktop, Green Shirt and Grey Pants
Item # BW0003

DIE HARD4: LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - John McClane (Bruce Willis) White Tank, Green Shirt, and Grey Pan



This signature costume was worn by the character “John McClane” portrayed by actor Bruce Willis in the 2007 film “Live Free Or Die Hard”, the fourth installment in the “Die Hard” series, co-starring Justin Long and Timothy Olyphant. This costume consists of a white Jockey tank top, green four button distressed Henley shirt with faux blood on right sleeve, and grey Gap Khaki pants. Production hold tag attached with "DH4,McClane, B.W., 23B, CG. 1A, jkt-dusty w/ white chalk +dirty" handwritten in red and black ink. The costume screen matches in the following scenes 23/23B, 24, 25, 30, 35, 37.

Scene 23: McClane and “Matt Farrell” (Justin Long) are hiding from assassins in the apartment, when a statue falls on the computer delete button, which triggers the explosives inside the computer to explode.

Scene 24 - McClane and Matt escape out of the apartment and down the fire escape into an alley where they get into McClanes car.

Scene 25, 30 + 35 – While McClane and Matt are driving to DC they are hit by a car.

Scene 37 - McClane climbs to the top of his vehicle where he notices that all of the traffic lights in the area are green.

This costume was acquired direct from the “Collection of Bruce Willis”, and is in good screen worn condition. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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