Jeffersons, The (1975-1985) (TV)

Florence Johnson (Marla Gibbs) 1970's Orange Countryside Pattern Day Dress
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THE JEFFERSONS - Florence Johnson (Marla Gibbs) 1970's Orange Countryside Pattern Day Dress



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This day dress was worn by “Florence Johnson” portrayed by actress Marla Gibbs in the television series “The Jeffersons”. The original 1970’s polyester day dress with belt is constructed of an elaborate orange print depicting people walking along a path in the English countryside.

Ms. Gibbs can be seen wearing this dress in Season 3 Episode 19 “The Marriage Counselors” as she is dressed for church and is discussing the snow storm with "Weezy" (Isabel Sanford) and "George" (Sherman Hemsley). "Weezy" is trying to tell her to stay home and not go out into the snow, but "Florence" is too excited about attending church and singing in the choir. Florence and "George" banter back-and-forth about God and praying for each other. In this episode, the dress has long-sleeves and was altered by the costume designer, Betsey Potter, for Season 4 Episode 19 "Florence's Union" when "Florence" attends a meeting of the newly formed union of housemaids in the building.

“The Jeffersons” was an American sitcom broadcasted on CBS and was a spin-off of from the sitcom “All in the Family”. The Jefferson’s “moved on up” to the upper east side of Manhattan and began living as an affluent black family. The series ran for eleven seasons with a total two hundred fifty three episodes, making “The Jeffersons” one of the longest running sitcoms in US history. Also noted for its controversial topics including racism, suicide, and gun control, which was taboo for syndicated television in the 1970’s. The show was nominated for 13 Emmy awards, and actress Isabel Sanford who played Louise, won Best Actress in 1981.

This item is in good screen worn condition and was acquired directly from the costume designer Betsey Potter, who worked on seasons 5-11. Ms. Potter went on to establish and oversee the wardrobe department for Embassy TV (formerly TAT/Tandem). The department also supplied wardrobe to Sanford and Son, One Day At A Time, Maude, All in the Family, Good Times, Married With Children, and other iconic television shows produced by Norman Lear and Embassy TV. Ms. Potter has maintained and housed these garments for the past 40 years.

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