Havana (1990)

Roberta Duran (Lena Olin) Alain Mikli Sunglasses
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HAVANA - Roberta Duran (Lena Olin) Alain Mikli Sunglasses



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These sunglasses were worn by the character “Roberta Duran” portrayed by actress Lena Olin in Sydney Pollack’s 1990 motion picture epic “Havana” starring Robert Redford, Raúl Júlia, and Alan Arkin. The glasses were purchased specifically for Ms. Olin to wear in this production and are accompanied by a LA Eyeworks case.

At the start of the film, Ms. Olin can be seen wearing sunglasses after making her smuggling deal with Jack Weil (Robert Redford) on the ferry to Havana. The sunglasses are seen the following day as she approaches the security checkpoint. She puts on her sunglasses to avert any suspicions and the security officers let her pass through the checkpoint.

Sydney Pollack directed “Havana”, and his brother Bernie Pollack designed the costumes. Bernie had to outfit 2,000 extras and needed nearly 10,000 costumes for frequent changes during the film. The old town of Havana was recreated in the Dominican Republic with the main set measuring nearly a quarter of a mile long, taking 20 weeks to create. These garments are in very good screen worn condition and are accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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