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Driver (Ryan Gosling) Principle Characters Continuity Books
Item # SC0091

DRIVE - Driver (Ryan Gosling) and Principle Characters Continuity Books



These costume continuity books were created by costumers for the 2011 production of “Drive”. The grouping consists of six binders including individual binders for principles and background characters, set decoration, props, hair & makeup, and the shooting script. The principle binder contains continuity photographs and costumer notes for the following characters; Driver (Ryan Gosling), Irene (Carey Mulligan), Shannon (Bryan Cranston), Bernie Rose (Albert Brooks), Standard (Oscar Isaac), Blanche (Christina Hendricks), and Nino (Ron Perlman). Included is the continuity break down for each scene, detailed notes for each costume, scene numbers, and list of costume changes. Also included is the working script, production contact list, asset list, and costume tag inventory. The binders were utilized by costumers to document the wardrobe changes and used for continuity to ensure consistency during filming and reshoots.

“Drive” centers around the character “Driver” portrayed by Ryan Gosling who works as a Hollywood stuntman and mechanic moonlighting as a getaway driver. Trying to escape his past, he falls for his neighbor whose circumstances make it nearly impossible to escape what he’s trying to run away from. Upon its release, “Drive” was an instant critic favorite earning nominations for an Academy Award, a Golden Globe, and four BAFTA awards.

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