Days of Thunder (1990)

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) Practice Prop Beretta 92FS
Item # P01147

MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 2 - Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) Practice Prop Beretta 92FS



Price: $2,500.00
This prop 92FS Beretta was used by actor Tom Cruise while training for his role as Ethan Hunt in "Mission Impossible 2" starring Dougray Scott and Thandie Morton. The prop gun is constructed out of a dense orange rubber and has internal weights to simulate the feel of a real Berretta. The actor’s initials, “T.C.” are handwritten in black ink on the butt of the gun.

Mr. Cruise used this weighed orange Beretta prop during production for practice purposes. Due to the strict gun laws in Australia, the armorer was required to be present with Mr. Cruise at all times while handling the prop or live fire guns on set. In order for Mr. Cruise to have the freedom to practice with the weapon on set without supervision, the armorer created this government approved orange version, which could be identified as a non-gun. Mr. Cruise carried this training gun throughout the production so that he could practice his stunt and firing sequences. This prop Beretta was handled by Cruise more than any other gun during production.

The prop weapon is in very good screen used condition with some minor loss of rubber that occurred during its use on the production and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the film’s weapons coordinator.

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