Al Woods (Andy Griffith) sailor pants
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ONIONHEAD - Al Woods (Andy Griffith) sailor pants



These sailor pants were worn by the character “Al Woods” played by actor Andy Griffith in the 1958 comedy, “Onionhead”. The custom made pants are constructed out of a navy blue wool material and have a flap front closure with anchor detail buttons, two are missing. The actor’s last name “Griffith” is handwritten at the inner waistband twice and his first name “Andy” appears once. Also inscribed are multiple sets of handwritten numbers in black ink, as well as stamps including “Property of United Costumers, Inc., Hollywood Calif” and a small “WB” tag.

Mr. Griffith wears this garment throughout the film when Al Woods frequents the Oval Bar and most notably towards the end of the film when he waits in the ship’s mess hall before reporting to the board of investigation following his claim of an embezzlement scheme. When at the Oval Bar, Al wears these pants with his matching sailor hat and shirt, trying to pick up Stella (Felica Farr) while enjoying drinks with his fellow crewmembers. During the investigation scene, Al is questioned for his knowledge of the scandal that “Higgins” (Ray Danton) is involved with; Al declines to provide proof but then confidentially slips the captain the evidence, resulting in a reassignment to Greenland for not providing it earlier.

Onionhead is a Warner Bros. Studio film starring Andy Griffith, Felicia Farr, Walter Mathau, Erin O’Brien, James Gregory, Joey Bishop and Claude Akins. It tells the story of Al Woods, a cook aboard the US Coast Guard ship “Periwinkle” during World War II who goes on to prove that doing the right thing is the only way out of a bad stew. The title of the film comes from Al’s nickname after he shaves his head following an executive officer’s complaint of hair found in his food. These pants are in very good screen worn condition and are accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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