"Granny Takes A Trip" personal frock coat
Item # M0054




This black Edwardian style frock coat belonged to Jim Morrison, legendary singer for The Doors. The jacket is an original design by Granny Takes A Trip, the iconic store located in London that defined much of psychedelic 60’s fashion and catered to celebrity clients of the era including members of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix, and other notable entertainers. Both Jim Morrison and Pamela Courson presented the jacket as a gift to Mr. Phil Barnett in late 1969/early 1970 at Pamela Courson’s boutique Themis located in Los Angeles, California.

Mr. Barnett met Pamela Courson for the first time at her boutique through a mutual acquaintance that had supplied her with marijuana. It was through this connection that Mr. Barnett also met Jim Morrison and later became friends with the couple. After their initial meeting, Mr. Barnett spent a considerable amount of time with both of them and even smoked opium with the infamous Lizard King several times.

Several months after Phil’s first contact with Jim and Pamela, they both presented Mr. Barnett with the Jim’s coat, largely due to the fact that Mr. Morrison had recently put on a considerable amount of weight and the garment no longer fit him well. Phil’s brother Geoff Barnett and Mr. Wayne Speeds were both present on this occasion and have provided signed affidavits describing the exchange as well as consenting to numerous interviews describing their experiences with Jim and Pam and verifying Phil Barnett’s friendship with the couple.

In the years following Jim Morrison’s death in 1971, Mr. Barnett maintained close contact and was later romantically involved with Pamela Courson/Morrison. They lived together for a period of months and Mr. Barnett has several unpublished photographs in his personal collection that were taken during the period between Morrison’s death and her own later demise. Mr. Speeds briefly saw and spoke with Pamela in front of Mr. Barnett’s place of residence within only weeks of her untimely death due to a drug overdose in 1974.

The vintage jacket is in good condition with some minor evidence of age and a small tear in one of the interior sleeve linings that was present when Mr. Barnett originally received the coat. The garment is accompanied by three signed statements of authenticity and a presentation booklet that includes written and photographic documentation outlining the research and verification of the coat’s authenticity. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premiere source for motion picture, television, and music entertainment memorabilia.

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