(LA Weekly Cover) gold metallic checkered jacket
Item # M0360

Perry Farrell - (LA Weekly Cover) gold metallic checkered jacket



This jacket was worn by Perry Farrell on the cover of LA Weekly on September 13, 2001 Vol. 23 No 42, with a featured article titled, “Farrell's Musical Mystical Tour: The Hedonist at 42” written by Jay Babcock. The vintage 1960’s garment is constructed out of a gold metallic check print material and is in excellent condition.

Mr. Farrell wears this jacket lying down and is photographed from above for the featured cover. LA Weekly’s Jay Babcock writes an intriguing in-depth article about Mr. Farrell, his band “Jane’s Addiction” and his 2001 tour. You can read the full article online.

Perry Farrell is the front man for the alternative rock band, “Jane’s Addicition” and in 1991 he created the touring event “Lollapalooza” as a parting tour for his band. Revived in 2003, it has since become an annual festival for musicians, comedians and non-profit groups. The band Jane’s Addiction has since reunited, and Mr. Farrell continued to be considered one of the godfathers of alternative rock.

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*******A copy of LA Weekly Magazine is included with the sale of this garment

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