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Hamlet (Mel Gibson) period doublet
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HAMLET – Hamlet (Mel Gibson) period doublet



This period doublet was worn by the character “Hamlet” portrayed by actor Mel Gibson in the 1990 motion picture “Hamlet”. The mock neck long sleeved garment is constructed of joined black leather strips with vertical reversed seams on the cuffs and torso, horizontal reversed seams on the sleeves, laced shoulder joints, and has lacing up the back and at the cuffs. The garment was custom made for Mr. Gibson’s use on the production and is in good hand distressed condition as seen in the film.

Mr. Gibson appeared wearing this garment in multiple scenes at the film’s climactic ending, and most notably during the sequence where Hamlet faces off in a seemingly friendly fencing match against Laertes (portrayed by Nathaniel Parker). During the first round, Hamlet removes his outer tunic and wears the doublet beneath a sleeveless chain mail shirt. After winning the first round, Hamlet wears the doublet beneath the chain mail shirt and a set of shoulder armor and leather helmet. In the last round Hamlet fatefully removes both the armor and doublet and fences wearing only his undershirt, allowing Laertes to wound him fatally by striking him with a poisoned sword.

This film adaptation of Shakespeare’s classic tragedy “Hamlet” also featured outstanding performances by Glenn Close and Helena Bonham Carter, and the motion picture was nominated for two Academy Awards in 1991, included one for Best Art Direction and one for Best Costume Design for the film’s costumer, Maurizio Millenotti.

Accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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