Cherokee Lansing (Susan Hayward) Gaucho Skirt
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TULSA - Cherokee Lansing (Susan Hayward) Gaucho Skirt



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This skirt was worn by Cherokee Lansing, portrayed by the actress Susan Hayward in the 1949 feature film “Tulsa”. The Gaucho style skirt was custom made for the actress and has an internal Western Costume Company bias label with Susan Hayward No. 94-1859-3 is hand written in black ink.

The Gaucho skirt is worn throughout the first half of the film and appears in the opening scene when Cherokee Lansing (Susan Hayward) rides through the cattle fields on horseback. The button detail on the front of the garment was added for use in a subsequent production.

Tulsa was filmed in Technicolor, directed by Stuart Heiser, and was nominated for an Academy Award for best special effects in 1950. Accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the costume house.

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