All In The Family

Gloria (Sally Struthers) & Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) Vintage Top
Item # T0828

ALL IN THE FAMILY & ONE DAY AT A TIME - Gloria (Sally Struthers) - Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) Vintag



This vintage shirt was worn by Gloria (Sally Struthers) in “All In The Family” and by Julie (Mackenzie Phillips) in “One Day At A Time”. The short sleeve pink rayon and gray floral print blouse with mother of pearl buttons is in good vintage condition and was a part of the Embassy Wardrobe Department.

Ms. Mackenzie wore the shirt in a several episodes, including Season 1 Episode 8 “All the Way” when Julie is confiding in her sister, Barbara (Valerie Bertinelli), that she is feeling pressured to go all-the-way with a boy. Barbara tells their mother who's advice to Julie is to 'think carefully and make her own decision. Also worn in Season 3 Episode 22 "Julie's Big Move: Part 1" when she announces to her mother that she is moving out on her own. Worn again, in the beginning of Season 5 Episode 1 "Back to School" when Julie and Barbara are encouraging their mother to go back to school. A continuity Polaroid of Bertinelli on set, documents that she wore the shirt in S5 E1 "Back to School". A copy of the continuity Polaroid included.

Ms. Struthers wore the garment in “All in the Family”, Season 5 Episode 8 "Where's Archie? Part 1" when Gloria (Sally Struthers) realizes that Archie is missing and tries to keep it from her mother Edith, so she doesn’t worry. Later in the episode, she wears the shirt with her Groucho Marx costume. Gloria and husband, "Mike" (Rob Reiner), are dressed as the Marx Brothers to get half-off tickets to a Marx Brothers film.

This garment is in good screen worn condition and was acquired directly from the head of the wardrobe department for Embassy TV (formerly TAT/Tandem) Betsey Potter. The department also supplied wardrobe to Sanford and Son, One Day At A Time, Maude, Jeffersons, Good Times, Married With Children, and other iconic television shows produced by Norman Lear and Embassy TV.