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A No. 1 (Lee Marvin) Brown Vest
Item # W0111

EMPEROR OF THE NORTH  A No. 1 (Lee Marvin) – Brown Vest



This vest was worn by the character “A No. 1” portrayed by actor Lee Marvin in the 1973 motion picture “Emperor of the North”, starring Ernest Borgnine and Keith Carradine. This 1920’s style brown vest has small pinstripes, three slash pockets, seven-button closure and a buckle back. Internal “Western Costume label with 2481-5 Lee Marvin 44” typed in black ink.

“Emperor of the North” takes place during the Great Depression on the American railways. Shack (Borgnine) is a sadistic railway conductor who swore that no hobo would ride his train for free and terrorized any stowaway passenger. "A No. 1” (Lee Marvin) risks his life to be the first person to survive a ride on Shack's notorious train. Mr. Marvin wears this vest throughout the film, most notably when he and “Shack” (Ernest Borgnine) get into a bloody fight on a moving train. “A No. 1” has the opportunity to kill Shack but decides to throw him off the train.

This garment is in excellent vintage condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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