Sopranos, The (1999-2007) (TV)

Don Rictora Jr. (Ben Lipitz) “Pie O My” Remy Leather Jacket
Item # SCL0015

THE SOPRANOS –Don Rictora Jr. (Ben Lipitz) “Pie O My” Remy Leather Jacket



Price: $450.00
This black leather by Remy was worn by “Don Rictora Jr.” played by Ben Lipitz in HBO’s award-winning series “The Sopranos”. This Remy leather jacket is insulated, with a zip-front and a brown double collar.

Mr. Lipitz wore this shirt in “Pie O My” (Season 4, Episode 5) during two scenes, both occurring at the race track. Tony Soprano’s crew is there to support Ralph Cifaretto’s horse “Pie-O-My.” In the first scene, Don is seen walking with the crew as Tony and Ralph discuss racing strategies. During this scene Don asks “You’d ever want to own your own horse?” Although Tony is smitten with the horse, “Pie-O-My,” he says having his own horse would be too much responsibility. The jacket is seen again on Don after the race concludes and Ralph is seen sharing his winnings with Tony. The item is in excellent screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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