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LUI Photo Shoot Black Fishnet Shorts & Pink Cut Off Shirt
Item # M0375

RIHANNA-Black Fishnet Shorts and Pink Cut Off shirt (LUI Photo Shoot)



Rihanna wore these garments during a LUI Magazine photo shoot. The images were featured in the April 2014 issue and included a 10-page Rihanna photo spread, shot by photographer Mario Sorrento.

The 1980’s black fishnet shorts and Juicy Couture cotton pink midriff top with tie back were altered specifically for Rihanna to wear in this photo shoot. The hem of the shorts were cut off at an angle, which made them appear to be more like an under garment. The shirt was originally a full-length muscle shirt which was cut off and the material tied in the back. Oil residue from the photo shoot remains on both garments.

The item is in good condition and is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity from the costume house. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premier source for iconic screen used wardrobe, props, and music entertainment memorabilia.

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