Natural, The (1984)

Mallory Knox (Juliette Lewis) Yellow Plum Floral Chiffon Bias Cut Gown
Item # A0420

NATURAL BORN KILLERS - Mallory Knox ( Juliette Lewis) Yellow Plum Floral Chiffon Bias Cut Gown



This gown was worn by the character “Mallory Knox” portrayed by actress Juliette Lewis in Oliver Stone’s 1994 motion picture “Natural Born Killers” starring Woody Harrelson, Robert Downey Jr., and Tommy Lee Jones. The gown is made from a Yellow Plum Floral Chiffon Bias that was cut to a preferred length. This item includes the separated piece of chiffon that was cut and removed.

Ms. Lewis wore this gown most notably during the scene after Mickey Knox (Harrelson) escapes from jail, returns to his love, and the two kill Mallory’s parents. She can be seen wearing this gown when they stop off at a bridge in the middle of a gorge with a flowing river below. After tossing Mallory’s possessions, the two proclaim marriage while on the bridge, sealing their love with a “blood bond” cut from each of their hands.

Oliver Stone directed “Natural Born Killers” from a story by Quentin Tarantino. The film is noted for its highly controversial mass murder subject matter and it’s satirical portrayal of mass media coverage. The film’s style echoes the frenzied and psychedelic imagery of pop culture television. It included animation sequences, atypical color designs, parodies of TV shows, bizarre camera angles and special effects. This garment is in good screen worn condition with minor evidence of wear from its use on the production and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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