Miami Vice (1984-1990) (TV)

Detective Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) Navy Pinstripe Valentino Suit
Item # T0153

MIAMI VICE - Detective Sonny Crockett (Don Johnson) Valentino Suit



This suit was worn by the character "Detective James “Sonny” Crockett/ Sonny Burnett" portrayed by Don Johnson, in the classic television series, "Miami Vice." The navy suit with light blue pinstripes has a two-button closure and matching pants. Internal “Valentino” labels on both garments and the shirt is for display purposes only. Don Johnson wore the suit in season 4 episode 22, “Mirror Image”, after the explosion on the yacht, Sonny experiences amnesia, reverting to his criminal alter ego “Sonny Burnett”, who begins to collude with the crime boss “Miguel Manolo” (Tony Azito)

“Miami Vice” is considered one of the most influential television series of all time in American Pop Culture history. Michael Mann’s groundbreaking show defined the fashion, music, and style of the 1980’s on a global level. The “Miami Vice” original soundtrack featuring Jan Hammer's #1 hit theme song and Glenn Frey's "You Belong to the City" (a #2 hit), stayed on the top of the U. S. album chart for 11 weeks in 1985, making it the most successful TV soundtrack at the time. By Season 2, Don Johnson had become the highest paid actor in the history of television series. Many of the styles popularized by the series (such as the t-shirt worn under pastel suits, no socks, rolled up sleeves, and Ray Ban sunglasses) have become the standard image of 1980’s culture. “Miami Vice” ran from 1984–1990 and received numerous awards and nominations over the course of its impressive six-year run.

The suit is in good vintage condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premier source for iconic screen used wardrobe, props, and music entertainment memorabilia.

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