John McClane (Bruce Willis) Hero Costume
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LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD - John McClane (Bruce Willis) Hero Costume



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This outfit was worn by the character “John McClane” portrayed by actor Bruce Willis in the 2007 film “Live Free Or Die Hard”, the fourth installment in the “Die Hard” series, co-starring Justin Long and Timothy Olyphant. This signature costume consists of a white Jockey tank top, green four button distressed Henley shirt, grey Gap pants, white tube socks and Rockport XCS black leather boots. The Henley has “Hero 1” and the pants have "Chg 1 A" hand written in black ink, white tube socks, and Rockport XCS black leather boots.

Attached are three costume Hold tags attached; Tag #1: "DH4, McClane, B.W., SC 8-23A, CHG 1", Hold Tag #2: SC 8, CHG 1, Clean Boots, McClane", Hold Tag #3: "HERO SC #8 - 17B CHG , M-SHIRT, 33X32 - PANT, MCCLANE"

This costume has been screen matched to scenes 8, 17b and 19 and copies of the continuity images are included. Mr. Willis wears this costume in the following scenes; Scene 8 McClane encounters his daughter, “Lucy” (Mary Elizabeth Winstead), kissing a boy in a parked car outside her dorm and disapproves (criticizes her).

Scene 17B McClane confronts “Matt Farrell” (Justin Long), a wanted computer hacker, at his apartment and demands him to open the door.

Scene 19- McClane enters Matt's (Justin Long) apartment, and explains he has orders to escort him to DC. As Matt attempts to escape, shots are fired at them from another building.

This costume was acquired direct from the “Collection of Bruce Willis”, and is in excellent screen worn condition. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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