(Entertainment Weekly Cover) vintage 1960s shirt
Item # M0365

BRUNO MARS - (Entertainment Weekly Cover) vintage 1960s shirt



This shirt was worn by Bruno Mars on the cover of Entertainment Weekly for their “Summer Music Preview” on May 24, 2013 issue #1260. The garment is an original 1960’s vintage short sleeve button down shirt. There are two small tears that occurred during the photo shoot. The stylist pinned the fabric to make the shirt a slimmer fit which tore the garment.

Mr. Mars wears this shirt in several featured photos within the magazine, including the cover where he poses with a black leopard named “Whoopi”. His featured articled is titled “Bruno Mars: One Cool Cat” profiling his upcoming “Moonshine Jungle Tour.”

As a singer, Bruno Mars has sold over 8 million albums and 58 million singles, and as a producer/singer/songwriter he has sold over 100 million records worldwide. His versatility and talent has garnered him many awards including a Grammy, an American Music Award, Billboard and BRIT awards. He’s had five number one singles in the US, and the only other artist to achieve that more quickly was Elvis Presley.

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