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Florence 'Flo' Castleberry (Polly Holliday) Waitress Uniform
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ALICE - Florence 'Flo' Castleberry (Polly Holliday) Waitress Uniform



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This waitress uniform was worn by the character "Florence Jean Castleberry," portrayed by actress Polly Holliday, in the hit television series, "Alice." The pink uniform with polka dot trim has a Warner Brothers Television ink stamp and the actress name "POLLY" handwritten in the interior of the garment. This Mel's Diner uniform was the same type of garment worn by Mel's other waitresses, including "Alice" (Linda Lavin) and "Vera" (Beth Howland).

Ms. Holliday appeared in the series from 1976-80, and her character Flo was a mainstay of the series and introduced the immortal line "KISS MY GRITS" into the cultural lexicon of America.

This signature piece from the classic television show is in very good screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premier source for iconic screen used wardrobe, props, and music entertainment memorabilia.