Drive (2011)

Standard (Oscar Isaac) Bloodied Complete Costume
Item # A0281

DRIVE - Standard (Oscar Isaac) – Bloodied Complete Costume



This costume was worn by the character “Standard” portrayed by actor Oscar Isaac in the 2011 motion picture “Drive”. The distressed and bloody outfit consists of a white tank top, black and white Baja jacket, St. Christopher’s pendant with carved turquoise inlay, and blue jeans with button fly. Attached is a costumer tag with " "Standard" N17 CH 46, Shirt: N/L N/S, blk + whit vert. stripe woven, L/S w hood, Tank: "Fruit of the Loom", teched white ribbed cotton, Jeans: "RRL", distressed/aged dk blue denim, low straight fit B/F, socks: grey crew, Boots: N/L, Brown distressed leather soft, sq. toe, side zip, stacked heel, w/ sm buckle detail, Neck 3 - long antique silver twisted chain, w/ 2 pendents 1 round blue ctr 1 silver house, shape - silver chain w/ St. Christopher metal, w/ turq. ctr - round braided brown leather cord, bracelets 3 - black cord w/ orange /grn/ylw, beads woven in, -narrow copper cuff, - antique silver engraved, cuff" on the front, and "Standard, Oscar Isaac, 4b, N17, 72, 73, 74" on the verso, handwritten with black ink.

This costume appears in scene 72 when "Driver" (Ryan Gosling) discovers Standard lying in the parking garage beaten and bloody. The costume also appears in scene 73 in Standard’s apartment, where he explains to Driver that the mobsters he is indebted to want him to rob a pawnshop. The blood stains on the tank top distinctly match those from the film as well as continuity images (note the parallel stains mid abdomen). The pattern of distress on the jeans is also a direct match to the continuity images from this scene. Copies of the costume continuity images are included with the sale of this costume.

The costume was acquired directly from the production company and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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