Demolition Man (1993)

(Prop) Tracking Box and Prison Key
Item # P01074

DEMOLITION MAN - Tracking Box and Prison Key



This futuristic Tracking Box and Prison Key were original props created for use in the 1993 film “Demolition Man” starring Sylvester Stallone, Sandra Bullock, and Wesley Snipes.

A smug Erwin (Rob Schneider) handles this Tracking Box during a scene where John Spartan (Stallone), Lenina Huxley (Bullock) and Alfredo Garcia (Benjamin Bratt) are convening with the Police chief George Earle (Bob Gunton) in the precinct of the S.A.P.D. (San Angeles Police Department). Because of the lack of serious crime in San Angeles, Erwin acts as if he's never had a chance to use it until now. He is seen walking in the background gleefully toying around with the tracking device, and pauses in front of Spartan who gives Erwin a look of disapproval.

The Prison Key is seen when Spartan faces off with Simon Phoenix (Snipes) towards the end of the film. Spartan uses the key to access the CryoPrison where Phoenix is trying to release prisoners. The key is metallic within the film, whereas this one is plastic and may have acted as a mold, not being the prop seen on screen.

The Tracking Box and Prison Key are both in excellent screen used condition and are accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the film's property master.

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