Book of Eli, The (2010)

Eli (Denzel Washington) backpack, iPod, and switchblade
Item # P01066

THE BOOK OF ELI - Eli (Denzel Washington) Backpack, iPod, and switchblade



This backpack, iPod, and switchblade were used by the character "Eli," portrayed by actor Denzel Washington, in the 2010 motion picture, "The Book of Eli." The Oakley brand backpack is a heavily distressed with leather ties and the bottom stitched on. The iPod is also heavily distressed with electrical tape along the back and bottom left corner of the front. The switchblade is a SOG Flash II with evidence of wear from production use.

Mr. Washington is seen wearing the backpack throughout much of the film. He uses it to carry all his belonging as he treks across the post-apocalyptic wasteland. It is seen in most promotional images for the film and later worn by Solara (Mila Kunis) at the conclusion of the film. The iPod is also seen used by Solara at the end of the picture, but for much of the film, it is used by Eli as his only companion while he travels alone across the wasteland. The switchblade is used by Eli after he is shot by Carnegie (Gary Oldman) outside Martha (Frances de la Tour) and George's (Michael Gambon) house. "The Book of Eli" follows the story of Eli, a nomad in a post-apocalyptic world, who is told by a voice to deliver a mysterious book to a safe location on the West Coast of the United States.

The items are all in screen used condition with evidence of distress from their extensive use on the film. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premier source for iconic screen used wardrobe, props, and music entertainment memorabilia

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