Minority Report (2002)

Pre-Crime Division Spider retina scanner
Item # P00145

MINORITY REPORT - Screen used Pre-Crime Division Spider retina scanner

This screen used prop retina scanner and belt holster was used in the motion picture Minority Report starring Tom Cruise, Max Von Sydow, and Collin Ferrell. John Anderton (Cruise) and other members of the Pre-Crime unit wore these on their belts during action sequences and used the devices to scan the retinas of possible suspects to confirm their identities. Also referred to as “Spiders” in the film, and appeared notably in the computer generated sequence when members of the Pre-Crime unit release the scanners into a building where they believe Anderton (Cruise) is hiding after his eye replacement surgery, at which point they are unclipped from their belt holsters and move autonomously on slender metallic legs. The prop is constructed of dense painted plastic with clip on belt holster. The item was acquired directly from an inner industry source that worked on the film and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.