Hurricane, The (1999)

Rubin Carter (Denzel Washington) Cream Coat Costume
Item # D0796

THE HURRICANE - Rubin Carter (Denzel Washington) Cream Coat Costume



This costume was worn by “Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter” portrayed by Academy Award winning actor Denzel Washington in the film “The Hurricane”. The costume consists of a cream silk notch lapel sport coat, black wool slacks, and a double breasted satin vest with diamond print. The garments were custom tailored by Domini Gherardi and the company label is sewn inside each garment with Denzel Washington November 1998 typed in black ink.


Mr. Washington can be seen wearing this costume when the character Rubin Carter is pulled over by police and is accused of shooting several people in a bar. They escort him to a hospital and to the scene of the crime to be identified, but the witnesses confirm he’s not the killer. During a flashback of the party that leads up to the police incident, Rubin wears the cream suit at a bar before covering himself up with a black jacket when leaving the club. The obsessed racist detective “Della Pesca” (Dan Hedaya) is determined to have Rubin falsely accused so he strikes a deal with witnesses, removing their criminal record in exchange for fictitious testimony.

“The Hurricane” is a 1999 film directed by Norman Jewison and stars Denzel Washington in the title role. This biopic looks into the life of Rubin Carter, a rising boxer who’s wrongfully convicted of murder, for which he spends 20 years behind bars. His story of struggle inspires a trio of Canadian advocates to help prove his innocence. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costumer.

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