El Cantante (2006)

Puchi (Jennifer Lopez) Vintage Day Dress
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EL CANTANTE-Puchi (Jennifer Lopez) Vintage Day Dress



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This vintage dress was worn by the character “Puchi” portrayed by actress Jennifer Lopez in the 2006 biopic film, “El Cantante.” The 1970’s day dress is constructed out of a red, white, and navy acetate material with polka dot and checkered print. The production HOLD tag is attached with the movie title, character name, actor name, Change number, Day number, scene number, and "Ext P.R. fight w/hector dad"

Ms. Lopez is wears this dress when in Puerto Rico to visit Hector’s Father. On a surprise visit, Puchi is walking with son while Hector (Marc Anthony) and his father argue. Hector's father is arguing over his son’s scandals, jail time and drug use, he doesn't want Hector there, he's read all the bad press about him. Hector argues that he's had great success and that he's trying to change, but his father doesn't want him around at all.

“El Cantante” tells the true story of Hector Lavoe, a Puerto Rican musician who began the Salsa movement and brought it to the United States in 1975. Ms. Lopez as an older Puchi in the year 2002, reminisces her experiences with Hector and explores his rise as a sensational performing artist and then his downfall due to drugs, alcohol and depression. Starring Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony, this film excited many of their fans, as the two were a married celebrity power couple at the time of its release. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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