Clue (1985)

Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd) Signature Two-Piece Suit
Item # C0153

CLUE  Professor Plum (Christopher Lloyd)  Signature Two-Piece Suit



This two-piece suit was worn by the character “Professor Plum” portrayed by actor Christopher Lloyd in the 1985 comedy “Clue”. The costume was custom made for Mr. Lloyd’s use on the production and consists of gray wool jacket with light gray cross hatching and matching pants. The interior of the jacket has the original tailoring label sewn inside with the name “Chris Lloyd” and production date “4-25-85” handwritten, and the pants have original tailoring label sewn inside with the name “Lloyd, Chris” and “PAR” (for Paramount Pictures) handwritten. The Professor wore this signature suit throughout the entirety of the film as he and the others try to unravel the mystery of why they’ve all been invited to Hill House and who’s been killing members of their group.

Mr. Lloyd first appears wearing the suit onscreen near the beginning of the film when Professor Plum is driving through the rain and comes across “Miss Scarlet” (Lesley Ann Warren), whose car has broken down by the side of the road. After picking her up the two converse and discover that they both received mysterious letters requesting that they come to “Hill House”. The suit is first clearly seen later when Plum and Scarlet arrive at Hill House and the Professor has his trench coat hung up and is offered a drink by the butler “Wadsworth” (Tim Curry) and the maid “Yvette” (Colleen Camp).

“Clue” was based on the popular Parker Brothers game of the same name and featured an impressive all-star cast comprised of such notable comedic actors as Eileen Brennan, Madeline Kahn, Michael McKean, Martin Mull, and Howard Hesseman, as well as featuring cameo roles from such 80’s musical icons as Jane Weidlin (of The Go-Go’s) and Lee Ving (of legendary punk band Fear). The film was also notable for the fact that it had three different possible endings when viewed in the theatre.

The garments are all in excellent screen worn condition and are accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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