New Kind Of Love, A (1963)

Samantha Blake (Joanne Woodward) dress designed by Edith Head
Item # C0135

A NEW KIND OF LOVE - Samantha Blake (Joanne Woodward) dress by Edith Head



This “half & half” black skirt suit/pink gown was created by legendary designer Edith Head and made for use by the character “Samantha ‘Sam’ Blake,” portrayed by actress Joanne Woodward, for the 1963 motion picture, “A New Kind of Love.” The dress is constructed on the right half of a black skirt-suit with white blouse and black tie, and the left half of full length bright pink satin column evening gown. It is in a literal visual representation of Ms. Woodward’s character as a woman with a very masculine personality who masquerades as an ultra-feminine high-priced call girl to pique the interest of handsome reporter Steve Sherman (Paul Newman).

The dress is complete with the original Paramount Pictures label inside with the name “Joanne Woodward” handwritten in black ink. The garment was either cut from the final film or made for promotional purposes. “A New Kind of Love” also featured performances by Eva Gabor and Maurice Chevalier, and received two Oscar nominations in 1964, including one to Edith Head for Best Costume Design.

The dress was acquired directly from Paramount Studios and is in excellent condition. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity form the costume house. Presented by The Golden Closet, your premier source for screen used wardrobe, props, and music entertainment memorabilia.