Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) shirt with floral embroidery
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ALMOST FAMOUS - Penny Lane (Kate Hudson) shirt with floral embroidery



This shirt was worn by the character “Penny Lane” portrayed by actress Kate Hudson in the Academy Award winning film, “Almost Famous” which also starred Patrick Fugit and Billy Crudup. This long sleeve shirt is constructed out of a sheer cotton material and has red, blue, brown, and yellow floral embroidery along the trim.

Ms. Hudson wore this shirt when walking away from the “Stillwater ‘73” tour bus with the band and entering their new private plane for the first time, on it’s way to Boston. The shirt is also worn in deleted scenes from the film, including when Penny is dancing in the tour bus and kisses “Russell” (Billy Crudup), distracting “William” (Patrick Fugit) as he interviews the lead singer “Jeff” (Jason Lee). This item is additionally seen when William, asleep in a hotel hall, is awoken by Russell and Penny who repeat, “Come to Cleveland” over and over again until he succumbs to join them. These scenes are visible in the Director’s Edition, “Almost Famous: Untitled – The Bootleg Cut”. This garment is in good vintage condition.

“Almost Famous” was a semi-autobiographical film based on writer/director Cameron Crowe’s experiences writing for music publications as a youth. The film earned him an Academy Award for Best Screenplay Written Directly for the Screen in 2001. The movie featured an outstanding performance by newcomer William Fugit, and both Kate Hudson and Frances McDormand received Oscar nominations for Best Supporting Actress for their work on the film. Costume designer Betsy Heimann received an award for Excellence in Costume Design for Film (Period/Fantasy). The garment is in good vintage condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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