Miami Vice (1984-1990) (TV)

Boxer Bobby Sykes “Down For The Count" Hugo Boss Pinstripe Suit
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MIAMI VICE (TV) Boxer Bobby Sykes “Down For The Count



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This pinstripe suit was worn by the character “Mark Breland” portrayed by Boxer Bobby Sykes and “Francesco ‘Frank’ Cruz” portrayed by actor Francesco Quinn from the hit television show, “Miami Vice.” The outfit consists of a dark charcoal pinstriped jacket and matching pants. The original Hugo Boss label is sewn onto collar and in the breast pocket are the initials “KC” written in black marker, which is likely to have been from a subsequent production. This suit was originally purchased for the character Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas).

Bobby Sykes wore this suit in “Down For The Count” (Season 3 Episode 13 Part 2), while attending the funeral for “Detective Larry Zito” (John Diehl). Sykes fights WBC #3 contender “Hector ‘Bazooka’ Hidalgo” and knocks him out in the tenth round. At the gym, Guzman’s henchmen corner “Zeto” and kill him by a forced drug overdose. A pivotal scene in the series, the death of a principle character.

Mr. Quinn wore this suit in the episode, “God’s Work” (Season 4, Episode 6) when “Tubbs” enters the Cruz warehouse and is chased by a forklift worker. “Francesco” watches close by as “Tubbs” manages to stop the worker with his gun drawn forcing “Francesco” to call it off. “Tubbs” explains he’s snooping around the warehouse because he isn’t getting the shipment that he was promised, and “Francesco” insists that he’ll deal when he’s ready.

“Miami Vice” was an American crime drama produced by Michael Mann for NBC, and starred Don Johnson and Phillip Michael Thomas. The series was noted for it’s strong combination of new wave culture and music, a benchmark for the MTV generation and major influence to the fashion world. The series won several awards including an Emmy for Best Art Direction and a Golden Globe for Don Johnson as Best Actor in a Television Series. The suit is in very good screen used condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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