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Property Master Black Satin Crew Jacket
Item # A0471

SCARFACE - Property Master Black Satin Crew Jacket



This black satin jacket was custom made for the crew members who worked on the production of the iconic mafia film “Scarface” starring Al Pacino, Michelle Pfeiffer, Steven Bauer, and Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio. The black satin size 46 “California Athletic Limited’ brand jacket with snap closure has “Mike” embroidered on the right breast and “Scarface” across the back. This jacket belonged to one of the property masters who worked on the film and is in excellent condition.

“Scarface” was nominated for three Golden Globes in 1984 including acting nominations for Al Pacino and Steven Bauer. Released on December on December 9, 1983 and was an instant box office success. Critics have praised the film as one of the best mob films ever made and has been referenced extensively in rap music, comic books, and video games.

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