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Alien (Eugene Brezany) Blue and Silver Patch
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THE GREATEST AMERICAN HERO (TV) - Alien (Eugene Brezany) Blue and Silver Patch



This large patch was worn by an Alien portrayed by actor Eugene Brezany from the memorable television show, “The Greatest American Hero” starring William Katt as “Ralph”, Connie Sellecca and Robert Culp. The show is about a normal school teacher who’s asked to be a superhero using an alien suit with amazing powers. However, he can’t figure out how to use it properly because he’s lost the instruction manual. This comedy series ran for three Seasons from 1981-1983.

Mr. Brezany is seen wearing this patch when Ralph is wounded and brought aboard the Alien spaceship in Episode 13 of Season 3 entitled, “Divorce Venusian Style.” After an argument with partner Bill Maxwell (Robert Culp), Ralph removes his super powered suit and is subsequently shot by a Neo-Nazi. Bill takes Ralph to meet with the Aliens in hopes for help. The Alien heals Ralph and shares their ultimate mission, asking that Ralph continue protecting Earth.

The series was created by Stephen J. Cannell in 1981, and through the 3 Seasons it was nominated for 3 Emmys, including one for Outstanding Writing in a Comedy Series. In addition to it’s memorable storyline and characters, the original theme song “Believe It or Not” continues in pop culture today most notably in “Seinfeld” when “George Costanza“ parodies the song and records it onto his answering machine. This screen worn item is in excellent condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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