Mask Of Zorro, The (1998)

Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson) Leather Pouch with Gold Nugget
Item # P00130

THE MASK OF ZORRO  Don Rafael Montero (Stuart Wilson)  Leather Pouch with Gold Nugget



This leather pouch and fake gold nugget were used onscreen in the 1998 motion picture “The Mask of Zorro” starring Antonio Banderas, Anthony Hopkins, and Catherine Zeta-Jones. The small rectangular pouch is constructed of black velvet with matching thong drawstrings. The nugget is constructed of heavy gold colored cast metal.

The pouch and nugget were used onscreen in the pivotal scene where arch villain “Don Rafael Montero” (Stuart Wilson) returns to California to be re-united with his associate “Don Luiz” (portrayed by Tony Amendola), to whom he entrusted deeds to several properties in California, one of which contained a rich gold lode referred to as “El Dorado”. Upon Montero’s arrival by boat, Don Luiz greets him at the shore along with a delegate of other wealthy landowners and a crowd of peasants and gives him the small leather pouch containing the gold nugget to show him the fruits of their labors. The gold nugget is clearly seen in a close up shot when Montero inspects it with approval before addressing the crowd of peasants, unaware that his old rival “Zorro” (Anthony Hopkins) hides among them.

The prop pouch is in good screen used condition as seen in the film and is complete with the screen matched prop nugget also used in the scene. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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