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Jett Rink (James Dean) tuxedo pants
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GIANT Jett Rink (James Dean) tuxedo pants



This pair of black tuxedo pants was worn by the character Jett Rink portrayed by legendary actor James Dean in the epic 1956 film “Giant”, which also starred Rock Hudson and Elizabeth Taylor. Mr. Dean wore the pants as part of a complete tuxedo outfit during the scene where Jett has gone from being a lowly young farmhand to becoming a millionaire oil tycoon. Jett attends a formal honorary dinner and then gets drunk and surly, ranting at the podium and starting a fight with Hudson’s character in the wine cellar. Comes complete with the original Warner Brothers wardrobe tag sewn inside the waistband listing the actor’s name, size, and production date.

Dean’s portrayal of Jett proved to be his last film role ever. Filming on the production had not been entirely completed before the young actor died tragically in a fatal car crash while driving his Porsche Spyder, requiring a small number of Dean’s scenes to be voiced over by another actor after his death.

Giant won the Academy Award for Best Director (George Stevens) in 1957, and received numerous other nominations including Rock Hudson for Best Male Leading Actor, as well as a posthumous Best Male Leading Actor nomination for James Dean. After its release “Giant’ became Warner Brothers’ highest grossing film in the studio’s history, an impressive record that held all the way until 1978 with the release of “Superman” starring Christopher Reeve. This amazing artifact from one of Hollywood’s most tragic heroes will make an impressive addition to your collection of vintage film memorabilia. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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