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Michael Evans (Ralph Carter) 1970’s Skier Print Shirt
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GOOD TIMES - Michael Evans (Ralph Carter) 1970’s skier print shirt



This shirt was worn by the character “Michael Evans” played by actor Ralph Carter in the television series, “Good Times”. This brown and tan cotton shirt has a repeating winter print with snowflakes, mountains and skiers, and a four snap button closure. An original Polaroid taken of Mr. Carter wearing the shirt includes the costumer’s note “#0320” indicating it’s use in “The Investigation” (Season 3 Episode 20).

Mr. Carter can be seen wearing this shirt in numerous episodes throughout season two and three. The shirt is initially seen in “The Windfall” (Season 2 Episode 10 which aired December 3, 1974) when Michael and Thelma (Bern Nadette Stanis) prepare popcorn and potato chips to celebrate their father’s appearance on television. James (John Amos) had returned stolen money and is being honored on television. The shirt can be seen in several other episodes including “Florida’s Big Gig” (Season 2 Episode 14), “The Family Business” (Season 2 Episode 17), “Thelma’s Scholarship” (Season 2 Episode 23), and “The Investigation” (Season 3, Episode 20).

Good Times was an American sitcom broadcasted by CBS from 1974 through 1979 and was produced by the legendary Norman Lear and Embassy TV (formerly TAT/Tandem) who are also known for “One Day At A Time”, “Maude”, “All in the Family”, “Sanford and Son”, and “The Jeffersons”. Originally a spin-off from the sitcom “Maude”, the series ran for 6 seasons with a total of 133 episodes and starred Esther Rolle as “Florida Evans” and John Amos as “James Evans, Sr.” who live with their three children “JJ” (Jimmy Walker), “Thelma” (Bern Nadette Stanis) and “Michael” (Ralph Carter), in a project apartment in Chicago. The show won three Golden Globe nominations for performances by Esther Rolle and Jimmie Walker. This item is in good screen worn condition and was acquired directly from the show’s costume designer and head of the Embassy TV wardrobe department.

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