Sha Na Na iconic gold costume
Item # M0035




These iconic gold costumes were worn by Frederick "Dennis" Greene, Johnny "Kid" Contardo, and Scott "Tony Santini" Powell as members of Sha Na Na. The jackets and matching pants are constructed of gold lame and have the name "Dennis," "Johnny," and "Tony" handwritten on the inside of the fabric. All three outfits come complete with a pair of gold boots and one outfit has a gold belt.

Mr. Greene, Mr. Contardo, and Mr. Powell wore these outfits throughout the TV variety series, Sha Na Na, which aired from 1977-1981, and during many of their performances in the 70's. As one of the founding members and original vocalist, Mr. Greene choreographed the majority of moves for the variety show and was portrayed as the most intelligent member of Sha Na Na in the series. When Sha Na Na appeared in the 1978 blockbuster hit movie musical, "Grease," as Johnny Casino and the Gamblers, Mr. Greene sang the lead in the song, "Tears On My Pillow," while Mr. Contardo sang, "Those Magic Changes." Mr. Powell who sang many Elvis Presley songs on the variety show sang the lead on the song, "Hound Dog."

Sha Na Na is an American rock and roll group that broke onto the scene following their 1969 Woodstock Festival appearance where they preceded Jimi Hendrix. They perform song and dance repertoire of classic 50's rock and roll and hosted the Sha Na Na variety show from 1977-1981. They opened for such bands as The Grateful Dead, The Kinks, and was one of just four acts invited by John Lennon and Yoko Ono to perform with them at their One-to-One benefit concert at Madison Square Garden in 1972. At the height of their popularity, their variety show featured guests such as James Brown, the Ramones, Little Richard, and Bo Diddley. Sha Na Na has only had minor variations to their signature costume since they first appeared at Woodstock.

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