Jet Girl (Naomi Watts) pilot costume
Item # S0198

TANK GIRL - Jet Girl (Naomi Watts) pilot costume



This costume was worn by the character “Jet Girl” played by actress Naomi Watts in the 1995 film, “Tank Girl”. The custom made pilot outfit includes a two tone brown leather jacket with black and white faux fur trim on the collar, two tone brown leather pants with black and white cotton faux fur trim on the waist, leather aviator hat with wool lining, black tank top, and a red and white polka-dot bandana. The original costumer tags list; “Show: Tank Girl, Production: United Artists, Actor: Naomi Watts, Part Of: Jet, Scene 207-263, Change: 7”.

Ms. Watts can be seen wearing this outfit during the climatic scenes towards the end of the film when Jet Girl devises a plan to invade the Water & Power compound with the mutant kangaroo crew known as the “Rippers” and Tank Girl (Lori Petty). Jet Girl wears her cap most notably when she pilots her way into the compound, trying to convince the flight terminal to let her land and the leather jacket and bandana are best seen when she shoots Sergeant Small (Don Harvey). The costume is also featured in promotional stills for the film, including trading cards.

Tank Girl is a science fiction action film based on the comic book by Alan Martin and Jamie Hewlett, and stars Lori Petty, Naomi Watts, Ice-T and Malcolm McDowell. The film takes place in the year 2033, where Water & Power headed by the evil Kesslee (Malcolm McDowell), controls the world’s water resources. The film developed a cult following thanks to its elaborate use of costumes and sets, wacky humor, explosive action, animated sequences, mutant kangaroos, and even a song-and-dance segment. Accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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