Client Testimonial regarding BIG TROUBLE IN LITTLE CHINA memorabilia

7457398_4_lI have nothing but the upmost respect for your company in the way that our business transaction was carried out, from all of the correspondence that the CEO and I personally shared in regards to questions that I had about the item and from everything to shipping, to packing, to pricing; it was all handled in a professional manner and I got the sincere impression that my business, as a customer and as a collector, was indeed valued. My item was shipped out and arrived on schedule, and was personally packed by the CEO herself, in order to insure safety during transport. That speaks volumes to me…that not only was my business appreciated, but that the item itself was also valued and treated with such meticulous care…it was treated like a piece of “fine art”, which is actually what we are all talking about here. These items are ART! I will do business with again in the future, and to be honest I cannot wait until the day when the Golden Closet receives another item in their inventory that I must acquire for my personal collection…and when that day happens I will purchase from them again without any hesitation. All I can say is thank you, and thank you again.


George D.

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