Laverne And Shirley (1976-1983) (TV)

Laverne DeFazio (Penny Marshall) Pink & Blue Plaid Shirt with Pink “L”
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LAVERNE AND SHIRLEY - Laverne DeFazio (Penny Marshall) Pink & Blue Plaid Shirt with Pink “L”



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This shirt was worn by the character "Laverne DeFazio" portrayed by Penny Marshall in the classic television show “Laverne and Shirley”, 1976-1983. The vintage pink, blue, and green plaid cotton shirt includes the iconic “L” patch stitched onto the upper left breast. The “L” was included in each of Laverne’s costume changes, making the “L” an iconic logo for the character.

Penny Marshall wore this shirt in numerous episodes including in Season 6 Episode 6 “The Dating Game”, Season 6 Episode 15 “The Bardwell Caper: Part 1”, Season 6 Episode 22 “Child’s Play”, and most notably in Season 8 Episode 2 “Window on Main Street” when Laverne finds out that Shirley is pregnant with her first child.

Penny Marshall participated in an interview with the “Children’s Museum” in Indianapolis, Illinois on March 4, 2011 and spoke about Laverne’s iconic “L” monogram, here is what she had to say… “When you start a television show, the key is to get the audience to remember the names of the characters and their occupations. So an actress ends up saying her name and job many times during the first few episodes of any sitcom. When I first read the pilot script of Laverne & Shirley, it had us saying our names and that we were bottle cappers every other page. So when I went to try on my wardrobe, I remembered the fact that I would have to keep repeating my name, and it might get pretty boring. I was looking for a shortcut as I sifted through the vintage clothing that the wardrobe department had collected from the 1950s. I came across a sweater with an initial sewn in the upper left corner. It suddenly dawned on me how I could save time. Make the initial an ‘L’ and then everyone would remember that my name is Laverne”. Children’s Museum Article “The Story of Laverne’s L”

“Laverne and Shirley” was nominated for four Golden Globes over the course of its seven-year run, and costume designer Al Lehman received an Emmy Award nomination for Outstanding Costume Design For a Series in 1979.

The costume is in good vintage screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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