All I Desire (1955)

Lily Murdoch (Lori Nelson) Paramount Dress
Item # D1028

ALL I DESIRE - Lily Murdoch (Lori Nelson) Paramount Dress



Price: $750.00
This period dress was worn by Lori Nelson as “Lily Murdoch” in the 1953 motion picture “All I Desire”. The two-piece pink silk faille dress consists of a fitted jacket with velvet trim and jet button deatil. The mathcing full skirt has velvet floral trim, jet button deatil, and camisole with silk crepe dickie attached. Internal Universal International label inscribed "Lori Nelson" . The velvet trim on the lapel is deteriorating, fading along the shoulders, and the silk crepe dickie is shattered. Ms. Nelson wears the costume during the film when she joins Henry Murdoch (Richard Carlson) on-stage during the Riverdale high school play.

This garment was created by legendary costume designer Rosemary Odell. Her costume designing career spans over 110 productions including such prominent films as To Kill A Mockingbird (’62) , This Island Earth (‘55), It Came From Outer Space (’53), and Brute Force (’47).

This garment is in good vintage condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

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