Lovelace (2013)

Linda Boreman (Amanda Seyfried) Signature Dress
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LOVELACE - Linda Boreman  (Amanda Seyfried) Signature Dress



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This dress was worn by the character “Linda” played by actress Amanda Seyfried in the 2013 biopic “Lovelace”. The dress was custom made for the film and is constructed out of a white cotton eyelet material with a ruffle neckline.

Ms. Seyfried can be seen wearing this dress as Linda walks the red carpet to the premiere of her infamous adult film, “Deep Throat”. While outside the theater amongst the photographers and other stars, she meets Hugh Hefner (James Franco). She can later be seen up on stage in front of the theater audience basking in her new celebrity identity. The dress is also seen later when Linda tries to run from her husband Chuck (Peter Sarsgaard) who is abusing her fame as an adult star.

Lovelace is a 2013 biographical drama about Linda Boreman, better known as her adult film star name “Linda Lovelace”. It chronicles the unsettling relationship between Linda and her abusive husband Chuck Traynor, played by actor Peter Sarsgaard, as she gains notoriety for the pornographic film “Deep Throat.” The film stars Amanda Seyfried, Peter Sarsgaard, Sharon Stone, Adam Brody and Juno Temple. This costume is in good screen worn condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity.

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