Bank Dick, The (1940)

Egbert Souse (W.C. Fields) Bank Guard Jacket
Item # C0109

THE BANK DICK - Egbert Souse (W.C. Fields) Bank Guard Jacket



This olive security guard tunic was worn by the character “Egbert Souse” portrayed by legendary comedian W.C. Fields in his historic 1940 comedy classic “The Bank Dick”. The wool green tunic with gold buttons and badge holder on the breast and comes complete with the original Western Costume Company label sewn inside with the name “W.C. FIELDS” clearly written.

Mr. Fields wore the jacket in numerous scenes throughout the film, which chronicles the hilarious misadventures of Egbert, a lovable drunk who is given the position of bank detective at Lompoc Bank after accidentally appearing to foil a robbery attempt. The garment is in very good screen used condition and is accompanied by a letter of authenticity from the costume house.

W.C. Fields wrote the screenplay for the film and the end sequence features a rare cameo appearance by Shemp Howard of Three Stooges fame.

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