Testimonial by Geoffrey Harman regarding vintage Hollywood wardrobe

Hi Breanna,

I have taken a photo of just a few of the treasures I have bought from you and thought you might like to see them.

They are Elizabeth Taylor from Elephant Walk, Betty Jane Rhodes from “Star Spangled Rhythm”, Betty Hutton from “Star Spangled Rhythm”, Teresa Wright from “The Imperfect Lady”, Yvonne De Carlo from “Buccaneer’s Girl”, and Eleanor Parker from “Detective Story”.

These are just some of the wonderful costumes I have bought from you over the last few years, a couple of my favorite things not in the photo are a smock from Grease used in the Beauty School Dropout production number and also Robert De Niro’s shirt (THE shirt!) from New York, New York…wow…memories of my teenage years.

Anyway thank you, to both you and Sierra for looking after me and finding me some truly remarkable pieces of Hollywood history, the real Hollywood, not the pale version we see today!

Geoffrey Harman

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