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Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) Signature Costume
Item # A0440

BATMAN RETURNS  Selina Kyle/Catwoman (Michelle Pfeiffer) - Signature Costume



Price: $20,000.00
This signature costume was worn by the character, “Catwoman” portrayed by Michelle Pfeiffer in Tim Burton’s “Batman Returns”. The custom fabricated costume includes a “stage 1” latex body suit with white zipper details (latex is cracking and show signs of deterioration), “stage 3” rubber cowl, Di Fabrizio boots, with four stunt heals, corset, knee and elbow pads.

The “stage 3” rubber cowl is displayed on a production used foam mold of Ms. Pfeiffer’s head. Blonde hair is attached to the inside of the cowl to simulate Pfieffer’s real hair in action sequences. Makeup and adhesive residue is present on the interior. An aluminum strip is inserted along the bridge of the nosepiece, which contoured the mask to Pfeiffer’s face. Sculptor Jose Fernandez hand made the aluminum nose bridges and his inspiration was the flexible metal bridge in painter’s masks. Attached is the original costumer’s tag that includes the following information: "M. Pfeiffer 'Cat ♀' stg 3", with a red dot sticker and “#1” located on the inside of the cowl.

The Di Fabrizio boots were worn by stunt woman “Heather Ryan” and includes four detachable stunt heels, and a production hold tag with “Michelle flat boots Catwoman, hard and soft” handwritten in black ink. The corset was worn by Pfeifer and includes the costumer tag with “Stage 3, largest corset, stunt” handwritten in black ink. Protective knee and elbow pads are also included and were worn during stunt sequences.

Ms. Pfeiffer appeared as Catwoman throughout most of the film and her costumes were made in three stages of distress. This jumpsuit is the first stage and was worn when Catwoman meets Batman (Michael Keaton) and the Penguin (Danny Devito) for the first time after destroying one of Schreck’s (Christopher Walken) department stores, and they head to the rooftops where Catwoman aggressively pounces onto Batman.

The“stage 3” tattered cowl was worn after the Penguin’s helicopter umbrella carries Catwoman and drops her into a glass greenhouse and when Schreck escapes from the Penguin’s cage in the abandoned Gotham Zoo. Batman tries to prevent Catwoman from killing Schreck by removing his own mask revealing he is Bruce Wayne.

Famed production sculptor José Fernandez was commissioned to create the sculpture of the Catwoman cowl. This sculpture was used to create the positive foam latex cowls worn by Michelle Pfeiffer. There were a total of thirty-six cowls made for the production of Batman Returns, with nine for each stage of distress. Almost all of these cowls were destroyed or deteriorated during production making this cowl a very rare piece of Batman history.

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